Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Reducing the time to intervention.

A longer time to intervention can negatively affect the patient outcome where in healthcare facilities, it is often measured in minutes to hours. Creating innovative and intelligent
hardware and software that works with current and future technology to reduce the time to medical intervention to seconds, which can lead to a better patient outcome.


Easy-to-use, rapid response & accessible from both web and mobile platforms.


Connectivity with current technologies as R&D is underway for future technologies.


Proprietary hardware to ensure top-level security for all medical data run through our system.

 The best design and functionality combined together

In the case of an emergency, the key functionalities of our system are there to alleviate the patients however the usability of our system is there to alleviate medical professionals and staff. They both play a key role in creating a useful intelliMED system.

The Main Benefits

IntelliMED’s system contains several key benefits for the clinic & hospitals themselves, there are also specific benefits for the patient that are separate.
Accountability for All Patients At-Once
Maintain a Track Record of Patient
Added Security Over All Patient Data
Reduction in Time of Medical Intervention
Collect Waiting Room Analytics
Additional Patient Information Collected Improves Diagnostics
Our story

Fifty-Four Hours

You arrive at this office space and you’re given 54 hours to create not only an idea but a viable business surrounding that idea. A team of 5, a pack of markers, 3 laptops and a pad of paper and we were off to the races. In that room, there was a single problem we could all relate to having: waiting anxiously in an emergency waiting room, for hours on end. 54 hours later, IntelliMED Solutions was created.

Our philosophy

Protective Preventative Healthcare

Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable. Patients are seated in a waiting room for hours and due to overburdened staff there are sudden medical emergencies that go undetected.  These emergencies happen over the course of a few minutes if not seconds. IntelliMED’s system is there to detect any rapid changes in a patient and expedite the time to medical intervention.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the community says:

“IntelliMED is taking all the right steps in creating a system that will not only cut back on intervention times but also ensure that patients feel well cared-for.”

Dr. Julien Kyne

Airdrie Urgent Care Medical Director

“From a nursing perspective, it is so stressful knowing that you’re looking at an emergency waiting room full of patients but you cannot attend to them all at once. This product is going to shape tomorrow’s healthcare.”

Maja Bugarski

The Ottawa Hospital RN, N.P. Candidate

“I have a senior advisor that works in the medical field and he told me that the revolution will come from the patients. And intelliMED, you did it.”

Mikael Charette

COO of WEllfunded

Our Team

Suzana Vukovic

Co-Founder & CEO

  • B.A.Sc. Candidate : Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Entrepreneurship & Management
  • Tech-enthusiast
  • Serial Entrepreneur

Thomas Le

Co-Founder & UI/UX Designer

  • B.I.T : Information Technology
  • Freelance UI/UX Designer
    • Experience with B2B companies as well as startups
    • Strong knowledge of marketing strategies

Alexander Steeves

Co-Founder & COO

  • M.A.Sc. Candidate : Biomedical Engineering
  • Researcher at the University of Ottawa
    • Biomaterials and Biomechanics

Contact us

If you are a health professional, healthcare facility administrator or simply a patient that wants more information please feel free to reach us below.