Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Reducing time to intervention, in seconds.

IntelliMED Solutions is a Ottawa-based startup focused on improving the entire spectrum for the Continuum of Care for clients through the use of intelligent vital monitoring, processing and future integration into AI-enhanced healthcare.

Currently the company is working on the its pilot project where it plans to:

  1. Integrate wearables into local clinics in order to put intelligent vital monitoring into practice
  2. Analyze the data collected and utilize it in bettering care as well as overall healthcare facility performance longterm
  3. Sort the data collected usingĀ  the wearables and use it in order to determine what would suit the facilities needs best
  4. Use an algorithm we have created in order to detect any alarming vitals data that is collected

The company started in 2016 via Startup Weekend Canada which was a weekend that took place in Ottawa, ON. IntelliMED Solutions won both Best Overall Startup as well as Best Mobile Health Startup, that weekend. Moving forward, the company was incorporated and an MVP was developed. The company received University of Ottawa Engineering Endowment funding the following year.